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Living Web Ventura Celery (Apium graveolens): Originally ‘Ventura,’ but it has been growing naturalized in a greenhouse in Mills River, NC, for around a decade! At this point, it shows all the same diversity you would expect from a landrace, and it has slightly smaller stalks than the average Ventura plant, but the plants are nevertheless vigorous, productive, and quite cold-hardy.

Seed keeper: Pat Battle, Living Web Farm, Mills River, NC

Germination Rate: 86%

Packet Weight: 0.5g (average 1230 seeds per packet)

FARMER BULK SEEDS available by request – 4g at $25.

Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $5 per shipment, so order as many packets as you like! Note: SEEDS WILL SHIP THE LAST WEEK OF MARCH.




Pat Battle has been growing this celery for over a decade. The seeds were originally ‘Ventura,’ but it has been growing naturalized (self-seeding) in a greenhouse in Mills River, NC!

Pat comments, “In my experience, if you grow the Living Web Farms Ventura as if you’re trying to grow great celery you can get nice big stalks. I think it has smaller stalks when it is volunteering but performs like any other celery if it’s given the nutrition and water that celery loves. In the photo gallery, the picture of the celery on top of the worm box is from plants that had no water whatsoever except for what it could get from the ground. I’m amazed it even germinated in a greenhouse that was never watered that year! The picture of the celery growing next to the strawberry bed shows pretty regular-sized celery, at least for the celery I’ve managed to grow. Those stalks were grown by us and were given adequate nutrition and irrigation.”

The plants are nevertheless vigorous, productive, and quite cold-hardy.

The Appalachian Seed Growers Collective

Things that are important to us:

  • Regionally Adapted – our seeds have been grown and saved in place for at least three years by farmers in the region.
  • Regionally Important – as a regional seed collective we are open to growing and stewarding seeds that have regional historic or cultural significance.
  • Seed Grower Community – we want to create community and opportunities for people to become seed growers in Southern Appalachia, including new farmers.
  • Seed Grower Economics – as a collective we are advocating for better seed contract prices and terms for our collective and sharing the economic risks of growing seeds.
  • Valuing Land and Labor – our internal economics pays growers for their time and land use in growing seeds, not for the quantity of seeds they produce. This eliminates inherent risks in growing seeds and varietal variations in yield, but also allows growers to select for quality over quantity.

SEED SALES WILL RUN UNTIL MARCH 15TH OR UNTIL WE RUN OUT OF STOCK. ALL ORDERS WILL BE HAND-PACKED BY OUR COLLECTIVE THE THIRD WEEK OF MARCH AND SHIPPED BY THE LAST WEEK OF MARCH. Your seed purchasing directly supports the work of the collective and is very much appreciated in these early stages!

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